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Hi, I'm Jahmar! (They/Them)

Growing up in a strict Puerto-Rican household, there wasn't much room for artistic expression as a child. So I spent most of my free time reading books and finding my escape within the written words. One day I'd be a vampire, the next I'd be Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) or a modern day witch with a forbidden love interest.


Creating characters has always been a natural part of me and once I discovered the craft of acting in high school, I've been hooked ever since. 

I was raised in Willingboro, NJ (South Jersey), where there is virtually no theatre. However, I attended Ithaca College and will be graduating with my BFA in Acting and Minor in Dance in Spring 2021. 

During my time at Ithaca I've had the privilege of working for the Hangar Theatre, The Kitchen Theatre, The State Theatre, The Cherry Artspace, and Cortland Repertory Theatre. 

I am always grateful for the opportunity to laugh and tell a story. Oh, and Oreos. Very thankful for those. 

"Y sigo mi vida con risas y penas,
Con ratos amargos y con cosas buenas"

- Hector Lavoe

I am a Queer/Black/Latinx New York-based theatre artist.

The works I am drawn to are stories that can confront darkness as it is, for all it is, yet expose everything beautiful that hides beneath the surface.


Exposing humanity for its beauty and ugliness, and reminding people that as much as we can get wrapped up in our own universes, there is always a larger community to serve.


The best way to confront hate and fear is vulnerable art. It is a call to action that infiltrates the heart. Particularly as a Black person living in America,

true power lies in storytelling.